Wednesday, January 2, 2008

YES! i'm a psycho but i can't read minds.

Not long ago, when I half-heartedly decided I want to study the human mind, people close to me thought I was a complete nutcase. “Just what would you do after you master the discipline?” was the common question. “Uhm….. I dunno!” was all I can offer. It just seemed like in today’s technology driven world, studying the human mind is as obsolete as the cellphone prototype a.k.a 5110. Another common concern was that people who study the minds ended up losing their own mind (which is slowly becoming a reality to me). But despite their admonitions, my heart or shall I say my stubbornness prevailed. I signed up for the course anyway.

The journey studying the lessons on the human mind was a struggle –sleepless nights and lightless days contemplating matters of the mind—but there were joys as well. The biggest struggle, however, in my case, was getting introduced to people. You see, introduction does not just end with names. People usually expect a brief explanation or description of what you do in life and there lies my dilemma. To better illustrate I cut a snippet of how a usual conversation is for me:

A: Hello! I’m A. How are you?
ME: Hi. I’m good, thank you. How are you?
A: Great! What’s your name?
ME: Phaelun…..
A: So what do you do? I’m an Entrepreneur, it has been my passion ever since. So
what do you do?
ME: uh… I’m a psycho(A cuts in)….
A: (cuts in) oh wow! You’re a psycho, you read minds!
ME: yeah… but I don’t read minds.
B: hello.
A: B! This is phaelun. Phaelun’s a psycho.
ME: Hi. I’m a psycho(B cuts in)….
B: Psycho. Cool, can you read minds? I’m B. read mine.
A: yeah read B’s mind!
ME: uh…. Actually, I don’t read minds…. I can’t just read minds.
B: Just try!
A: Try!
ME: uh…I can form impressions from observation or interviews so I need more
information and time to get to know you.
B: Just try!
A: Just try!
ME: okay. I think A you are a business savvy person.
A: Duh! I already told you I’m an entrepreneur. Try other. Try B. Read B’s mind!
B: Quick. Read my mind. What am I thinking right now?
ME: (kind of pissed) okay. I trying to read your mind but I’m afraid you don’t
have a mind for me to read….
B: let’s get out of here. I knew it, Psychos cannot read minds!

Yes! Psychos cannot read minds! Mind reading is the kind of work a Psychic does… not Psychos. Since I have already been reduced to a “psycho” might as well introduce me the right way. Okay! I’m a psycho but I can’t read minds. Psychic read minds. Psychologist analyzes human behavior. Psycho… well a psycho ….writes a blog about being a psycho!

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Ags said...

hahaha, i can relate to this. i guess we, Psych majors, are misunderstood.

nice way to begin your series of blogs, phaelun! hope you and Freud enjoy your journey together as you uncover the mysteries of the human mind...