Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just a dream...

This Psycho is no expert in dream analysis but somehow was able to make a sense out of an interesting dream last night.

…A wild beast stood firm and solid in front of our house. He has the body of a robust bear while carrying the angular head of a wolf. His eyes were sharp and dark, enough to pierce through the wall that separates me from him. His jaw was wide with pointed fangs hanged at each side with saliva trickling down. As I watched him across the window I see his eyes fixed at mine, he was staring at me. My brothers finally said “we can’t stay here forever, we got to do something”. They started culling up household items which will serve as their makeshift weapons. Brooms became spears and the wok became a shield. Somehow, I felt that he knew what was going on inside yet he did not flinch and not once did his eyes move. The boys of the house, fortified with shabby armature, marched forward to meet him. The gates flung open and so they went.

The beast waited… still not moving. My brothers and my father encircled him and tried to provoke him. They threw their spears in the air, making poking gestures. The beast, for the first time, moved. He snarled with clenched teeth. He was in an attack position this time and all his claws were visible. He jumped to hit my brother but fortunately my brother was able to dodge it. This continued on for a while, neither party was making a major move. Then the beast decided to run away. Aahhhh…. I was able to sigh in relief. My mother told me she is going out to check on the others and told me to lock all the doors and windows. I did what she told me. I went to the front lawn and closed the main gate. I went inside the house and left the door ajar and as I turned around the beast was there waiting for me. He was panting but his eyes were glaring ready to devour……………………………………………………………………. That was the last image of my dream. I woke up. My heart was beating fast but a smile was registered in my face.

This dream seems like the one you see on movies. I am not entirely sure if it is a reconstructed scene of a past encounter but something tells me it is my unconscious speaking. My unconscious is telling me something through my dreams. Yes, do you know that our dreams say a lot about what is inside our minds??? This belief has been espoused by numerous luminaries –psychologist and scientists alike—. Freud himself was one. In fact he said “the royal road to unconscious is through dreams”. So, really, next time you dream, try to uncover the message. Oh… about my dream?? Before I tell you my interpretation, why don’t you try to analyze it and let’s see if you can indeed interpret dreams.


Jehzeel Laurente said...

hehehehe *dreaming...*

p.s.: approved na yung labels! yay! hehe.. approved din yung casino :D hehehe.. thanks sa pag edit :D

gen said...

Face your fear. It's time to move on... =)Maybe I should also follow this advice to myself.

Ags said...

interesting manifest, i wonder how you decode the latent content... yeah, i remember my college prof saying that dreaming is our body's way of communicating with us.

hey, am not dream analyst myself so don't keep us waiting for your own analysis of your own dream... :)

Anonymous said...

yeah, everything has its own time

phaelun said...

im so happy.
thank you all for leaving your comments :)

ill tell you my interpretation soon :)